Meet all of our Wonderful Staff

Caroline Townshend,
Head (Lower)

John Wilson,
Head (Upper)

We are honoured to be Heads at Eaton Square Mayfair. The school is about to take its first steps on a journey that we believe will see it evolve and grow into one of the most exciting, innovative and inspiring places to study GCSE or A level in London and perhaps the world. We will combine all the benefits of a traditional British school, with all the opportunities provided by the ‘blank canvas’ presented by being a brand-new school. We will emulate some of the best and most successful schools in the country, but imitate none of them as we seek to deliver only the very best for our unique body of young people. Operating from a building that is beautiful, awe-inspiring and wonderfully located, Eaton Square Mayfair is already such a fabulous place to work and our richly diverse and interesting student body means that every member of our community learns something from someone everyday.

As a small but growing school, we hope to be able to provide an almost bespoke curriculum as we build firstly our GCSE and then our A level programmes. We will listen to the requirements and expectations of our young people and their parents and, guided by the advice of our expert staff, they will select subject options that will provide them access to a huge variety of career paths and future study options. Alongside this academic focus lies a rich and varied extra-curricular experience ranging from traditional team sports to activities as diverse as cross-fit, computing and fencing. London is our classroom and our teachers will rarely miss an opportunity to enrich the lives of our young people by offering opportunities to see concerts, exhibitions and drama or even just to spend time outdoors exploring our historic and unique central London location.

Eaton Square is growing quickly but this is just the start. Come and join us on our journey! We look forward to welcoming learners, parents and teachers alike as we seek to create an exceptional school for exceptional young people in Mayfair and in the heart of London.

Sebastian Hepher, Group Headmaster

It is a great privilege to be the Headmaster of Eaton Square Schools Group where we are able to offer continuous education to our children from the moment they join us in our Nursery Schools until the end of their journey in the Sixth Form.

Tradition meets innovation every day here through a combination of excellent, motivational staff and access to some of London’s greatest institutions. The ‘old fashioned’ values of good manners, team spirit, self-discipline, concern for the welfare and rights of others, as well as an understanding of the importance of responsibilities, are ideals which are close to my own heart.

These values are timeless and our pupils leave with confidence not arrogance, with kindness and humility not selfishness and brashness, with courtesy not rudeness, and with a passion for learning and a belief that anything is possible.

Within our School we have always prided ourselves on allowing each child to flourish. We firmly believe that every single child has the ability to succeed and it is our job to furnish the children with the tools they need to do so. As one walks around our buildings one encounters happy, engaged, good-natured and inquisitive pupils. They are constantly unearthing new ways in which to learn and develop.

The concept of the school community is immensely important to me and the School should be seen as an extension of the family. Our Eaton Square family reflects within it the rich, culturally diverse nature of London and as an education for life there can be no better foundation.

School Governors

Eaton Square Upper School is part of the Minerva Education group of independent schools. Our aim at Minerva Education is to deliver inspiring learning, which nurtures a child’s talents and helps them achieve their full potential.

Each and every school will retain its own special identity, traditions and ethos and Minerva will consciously avoid making any school feel as if it is ‘run’ by Minerva. However, through our “Inspiring Learning” education improvement programme we believe that the education provision in the schools will improve, with our teachers working together to share best practice.

Our Governors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including business and education, and all are deeply committed to the school’s continuing success. Our office is located within the school at 106 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NL.

Elaine Simpson – Chairman,

Catherine Robertson – Chief Finance Officer

Jim Hudson – Education Director

Andrew Grant – Non-executive Governor